City Permits & Forms

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Building & Construction Regulations

Building Permit

Accessory Building’s Regulations - Section 165.04(2)

STOP and Read before you Start

Please Note: The City of Norway has ordinances in place regarding:

Building & Construction on property inside City Limits

Operation of Golf Carts inside city limits

Limitations on ATV’s and Snowmobile Operation inside City Limits

Rental & Use of the City’s Park Pavilion.

Permits for Peddlers, Transient Merchants and Soliciting.

The City requires that a Registration Form be filled out by new Home Owner and Renters.

A Complaint Form is Available to you for you to bring any questions or concerns you have

to the City Council.  Questions: Wendy at City Hall: 319-227-7351.

Building Inspectors: Mike Miller

                                         Martin Schulte

Golf Cart Permit

Golf Cart Regulations

New Home Owner Registration Form

Complaint Form

New Renter Registration Form

ATV’s and Snowmobiles Regulation

Park Pavilion Rental Permit and Regulations

Standard Construction Specifications

Peddlers, Soliciting & Transient Merchants Permit