Lagoon Renovation Mandates from the DNR - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources - required the City of Norway to update its existing sanitary sewer system. The City Council engaged the engineering firm of Snyder & Associates to design a new system. Once the DNR approved our plan to use a system created by NitrOx, - a cold-weather ammonia removal system - to bring our sanitary sewer into compliance with State mandates. Bids were sought from qualified contractors, and in October of 2017, the bid of $2,285.000 was accepted from Boomerang. Work at the Lagoon started in late April of 2018, and by June, tons of earth had been moved and scores of yards of concrete had been poured. From July of 2018, to the end of March 2019, work on the project proceeded sporadically; then work began on installing our new 15” main sewer line to connect the City to the Lagoon. During April and May of 2019, most of the new main sewer line was installed and much of the electrical wiring and controls were installed at the lagoon. By early June of 2019, the new sewer line had been connected; later that month, two new pumps were installed at the Lagoon’s Lift Station. The lagoon was dredged of sludge in November of 2019, and the renovation of the old lagoon proceeded; required ground work also began. December weather allowed for the new aeration system to be in installed and the lagoon operation was up and running. The new lagoon baffle curtain was installed in the first week of January and all that remains to be done is some ground work and grass seeding.

Starting Point

Lagoon Renovation Slideshow (April 2018 to December 2019)