Baseball has been played in Norway since our Civil War veterans got back home from the war and taught the game - which they learned from New York soldiers - to the boys back home... and the love affair between Norway and Baseball was born. Norway’s passion for baseball is exemplified by our: four major leaguers, seventeen minor leaguers, dozens of college players and many more who played town-team ball. In 1965, Norway High School won its first State Championship.  In 1991, the streak would end at 20 when our school closed.  A Movie was made about that Final Season  and we celebrate our town’s baseball history at the Baseball Museum of Norway. For a short History of our Town click on the History Tab. In August of 2015, the Benton Community School District sold the ball park to the City of Norway. The Norway Baseball Association  was formed to see to the: maintenance, improvement and use of the field and facilities.  
Views of Our Ball Diamond
Norway, Iowa
Iowa Valley 8 - 6 Walford 9 - 7 Stars 7 - 7 Watkins 6 - 6 Red Top 5 - 7 Williamsburg 5 - 7 Norway

2019 IVL League Standings

New Lights for Norway’s Diamond

Musco Lighting  installed new LED lights in June. Watch the Slide Show:
Nite League 3-0 Walford 1-0 Williamsburg 2-1 Red Top 0-1-1 Norway 0-1-1 Stars 0-3 Watkins
New Lights New Lights

2019 Norway Baseball

Norway Bandit’s Schedule:
Norway Ball Park Schedule:
Iowa Valley League Schedule:
Complete Nite League Schedule:

Iowa Valley League Weekend Re-Cap

7/14 - Walford split with Norway. winning game one 12-4, but lost game two: 1-0.  Williamsburg split with the Stars, winning game one: 5-2, but losing game two: 4-3.  Watkins split with Red Top, losing game one: 8-2 but winning game two 6-1.

Wednesday Night Baseball - July 17th

Stars v. Walford: 6:30 pm Norway v. Red Top: 8:00 pm