Special Notice The City Hall, Library and City Park are Closed to the General Public! Until Further Notice.

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City-Wide Garage Sale A City-Wide Garage Sale will be held on June 13th, in Norway. Contact Wendy at City Hall for further information: PH: 227-7351 Or Jena Erger by email: jena.erger@live.com
Spring Clean-Up Day On Saturday, May 2nd, Johnson County Refuse will be located at the City Shed to facilitate our annual Spring Clean-Up Day, from 6:30 - 10 am. If you have questions, call Wendy at City Hall: 227-7351
DNR Sewer Permit Notice The DNR requires that we publish a notice of the draft permit for our sewer, that they issued our City. The notice must be up for 30 days prior to the DNR issuing our final operating permit. Click On the PDF Icon to View / Print:
City Hall, Library & City Park - NOTICE In light of ongoing concerns over the Caronavirus, the City Hall, Library and City Park are now closed to the General Public, until further notice. For those who wish to pay their utility bill in person, you MUST use the drop-box located outside of city hall… be sure to put your bill and payment in an envelope. If you have questions, Please contact Wendy at City Hall. PH: 227-7351
CHANGES to Garbage Pick-Up Due to the Circumstances of the COVID 19 virus, our garbage hauler, in an effort to protect their employees, will ONLY take the trash and recyclables that are in their bins. No tagged garbage bags will be picked up and No cardboard that is not in your recyclable bin will be picked up. Your Understanding is Greatly Appreciated.