Norway, Iowa

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Property for Sale in Norway

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110 E Tuttle

202 W Tuttle St

216 Church St

Lagoon Renovation Highlights:

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Views From the City - “New Construction

“Baseball Day” in Norway

“Baseball Day” in Norway, sponsored by the Norway Baseball

Association, was a resounding success.  The baseball clinics for

kids were maxed-out and many of Norway’s baseball veterans

were there to instruct the kids on the basics of hitting, fielding

and running the bases.  The old timers game was very competitive,

and both the game and movie were well attended.

Watch a Slideshow of the day’s activities:

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Norway - City Elections

The office of Mayor, and two Council Seats, are on the

ballot in the November Elections.  Anyone interested in

running should contact Wendy, at City Hall… The filling

date is September 19th.