Special Notice: THANK YOU, to All who have Helped in Norway’s Clean Up!

What’s Up

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The city completed work on our Water & Sewer Line extensions, which took place North of Apache Drive and South of Sweetbriar Drive. Work on the street extension that will join the streets has begun. Work has also started on Repairs and Improvements on Tuttle from Union to Younglove, and repairs are nearing completion on the Wall at Washington & Union.
Street Construction & Renovations
FEMA Assistance Individuals and business owners must apply for FEMA’s Individual Assistance Programs. Apply by phone at: 800-621-3362, or On Line at: DisasterAssistance.gov FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Center 950 Rockford Rd. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Hours of Operation - Monday through Saturday / 9 am to 6 pm FEMA Daily Fact Sheet, 9/28/20: How to Appeal a FEMA Decision: