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Income Survey Will Be Re-Initiated

Nearly a year ago, the City of Norway sent out a Household Survey to randomly selected homes, regarding a State DNR mandate to upgrade the City’s Water Distribution System. Getting the Results of the Survey back was the first-step the City had to complete in its effort to secure a $500,000 Grant to help fund the project.. Nearly half of Norway’s Residents filled out the Survey and returned it. but many did not. It is Absolutely Essential that we get the information requested from any household that received a Survey but didn’t return it. To that end a representative of the City will stop by to hand deliver a new copy of the original Survey. PLEASE fill it out and return it. See Help for more information:
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Survey Update

Many Thanks to Council Member: C. J. Van Horne, for his efforts to complete the Household Survey that is required to even apply for the CDBG grant the City needs to comply with the DNR mandate to renovate our water distribution system... as of June 1oth, we only need to finish sixteen surveys.

Baseball - Time to Play Ball

The Baseball Season has finally begun! Both the Nite League and the Iowa Valley have started play, though the first weekend’s play was nearly rained out, the Season is underway. For more Info Visit the IVL Page:
Baseball Baseball