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Last Year, the city completed work on a Water & Sewer Line extensions, which took place North of Apache Drive and South of Sweetbriar Drive. Work on the street extension that will join the streets should be complete by late Summer. Work was also completed on the repairs andi Improvements on Tuttle from Union to Younglove, and repairs are nearing completion on the Wall at Washington & Union.
Street Construction & Renovations
City-Wide “Garage Sale” Set for June 19th The Date for this year’s city-wide garage sale has been set for Saturday, June 19th, starting at 8 AM. Contact Ashleigh at: arminick89@gmail.com
May 1st, City of Norway “Clean-Up” Day This year’s “Clean-Up” Day will be held on Saturday, May 1st, starting at 6:30 AM and ending at 10 AM. ONLY residents of Norway may take advantage of this service, so be prepared to show proof-of-residency if asked! Location: Town Shed, South of the Tracks For Further Information: Call Wendy at the City Hall
Senior Update - Medicare Information For anyone approaching 65 years of age, or already on Medicare, we have a new listing on our Senior Resources Page.
Senior Resources Page Senior Resources Page