Norway, Iowa

Norway, Iowa

“A Great Place To Come Home To”

Just Minutes From Cedar Rapids &Amana

Smart Rural Community - Fiber Optic from South Slope

Curbside Recycling / Sanitary Sewer / Rural Water / Natural Gas

May 27h, Norway v. Red Top, @ Kirkwood, 1 pm May 29h, Wednesday Nite League Starts, 6:30 pm June 2nd, Fireman’s Breakfast, 7 am to Noon June 10th, Council Meeting, City Hall, 6 pm
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Local Services
Norway Veterans Memorial Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway
FROM THE COUNCIL Golf Cart Registration Renewals Norway Baseball is Ready to Start Work on Lagoon Progressing - 5/13/19 City Ordinances - Adopted / Updated Property For Sale 202 W Tuttle St - Condo 305 E Tuttle St 209 Apache Dr
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